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ASHRAE Standard 183 establishes requirements for performing peak cooling and heating load calculations for buildings except low-rise residential buildings.Type your paragraph here.

We provide the load calculation needed to comply with ASHRAE  RTS/CLTD and ASHRAE 183 Compliant.  

This means we can do your load calculation and provide you a report showing your peak heating and cooling demands for your commercial building, like an office, church, warehouse, restaurant, banquet hall etc.  

Our services are efficient and most of work is returned to you completed within 5-business days. We also have NEXT-Day service available for those cases when you must have it right away. 

The report will be fully compliant with ASHRAE 183 using the ASHRAE RTS method, and approval of the report is guaranteed by your local building department.  

Next Steps:

1. You send us your full drawings of your building. These plans must include: Insulation levels, window measurements, # people who will occupy each zone and  a complete list of all mechanical equipment including stoves, refrigerators, cooking equipment, printers, computers etc. 

2. We will review and eamil you a firm price and timeline

3. If OK by you, we will invoice you through PayPal for the work to be done. 

4. Once you OK, we will mail you the report within 5-business days. 

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