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What do we need in order to be able to prepare your Manual J & D?

  • Address of property 
  • Floor Plan for each floor (including basement if applicable) This can be an architectural drawing in PDF or DWG or hand-drawn
  • Measurements of each window & door in each room  
  • Location of equipment and ductwork  - Basement, Conditioned space, Attic Garage, etc.  
  • Your preferred make and model of equipment 
Email all these to info@HeatLoadUSA.com


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Email us your floor plans:  info@HeatLoadUSA.com

We will respond right away, and review what you sent us. If we are good, we will send you an invoice via PayPal. Pay that invoice and we will deliver your report within four business days.  Expedited next-day service is available. 


What Is Manual D? 

​​​Manual D is essentially a sizing exercise for ductwork.  Ductwork must be sized appropriately in order for the whole house to be able to be heated and cooled uniformly.  Poor or no duct design results in rooms and floors that are too hot and too cold. 

The size of the home,  zip code, elevation, summer high & winter low temperatures, exposure to southern and western sun, room function, amount of windows, square feet of a room, which floor it is on, and summer humidity levels  -  all play a function in determining the size and amount of ducts needed for a room.

There is a difference in HVAC design.  For a more thorough HVAC design, we go that extra step.  We design our system so that they run quietly, efficiently, and reliably for years to come.  

A good and properly thought out Manual D is a key component to achieving homeowner comfort, safety, and efficiency.  Our Manual D designs provide you the following:

  • Load calculations for each room
  • CFM (volume of air) needed for each room
  • Size of furnace, heat pump, AC required to satisfy the home
  • Equipment Part numbers for Furnace, Condenser, Coils and/or heat pump
  • Location of central heating/cooling equipment
  • Full duct layout showing each individual trunk, branch, register, vent and all ducts for each zone
  • Short and Long J1 Forms
  •  Summary load forms
  • List of trunks and branches showing length and materials needed
  • Plus more…..

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Yes serve ALL of the USA

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​​Manual J Load Calculation Services   Load Calculation Service  aka heat load services