Manual N reports prepared for you

Manual N reports are HVAC load calculations for commercial buildings. We provide these professionally prepared reports for all over the USA.    

We can prepare these reports for you in four business days. Next day service is available.

Please note that we are not engineers and we do not charge engineer prices. If you need an engineer stamp, please make sure you have someone who can stamp these, if such is needed.  

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Our reports are guaranteed to be: 

  • Accepted by your building department (certain restrictions apply)
  • Accurate and applicable to the building's needs.  Heat Load USA  can do your commercial heat load calculations for you. Our reports utilize the Manual N or ASHRAE RTS method. 
  • Reports take 4-5 business days & are sent to you via email in PDF format.

What we need from you in order to prepare your load calculation:

  • Floor plan - professionally prepared to hand-drawn
  • Wall Insulation R-values
  • Ceiling insulation R-values
  • Room heights
  • Windows and window sizes
  • U-value windows (if known)
  • Door and door sizes
  • Plan clearly showing what areas/rooms each system serves
  • Occupancy loads - how many people can you expect to be in the space - especially in the summer months
  • Internal electrical appliances: Stoves, refrigerators, computers, printers, ovens, frying stations, charbroilers, etc., etc.
  • Make and model numbers of equipment (if applicable) 
  • Address of property

Email all this to:

Questions:  Call us at 973-544-6800

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