​​Manual J Load Calculation Services   Load Calculation Service  aka heat load services

Need a Res Check compliance report?  

These are very straightforward for us to do.  We do them all the time for customers all over the United States.  We provide Rescheck reports for new construction and alternations.  

We have a 3-day turnaround!! Overnight service is also available!
HeatLoadUSA.com offers Res Check compliance reports as a standalone or as an add-on to our Manual J report.

What we need to do your Res Check
* Street address of the home
* Orientation of front door (which way does the front door face)
* Architectural plans of the house to include:
  * Insulation levels of all walls and ceilings
  * Window sizes, U and SHGC values (available from the architect)

  * Door sizes 


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