Gas & Plumbing Diagrams. Electric Drawings. 

Prepared For You



* Residential and Commercial Buildings

​* Quick Three -Four Day Turnaround - Next Day Service Available

* Complies with national gas pipe & electrical requirements

* More economical then mechanical engineers and architects


GAS & Plumbing Riser DiagramsIf you need a gas riser diagram, let us prepare it for you.  Our reports are professional and detailed.  To get started, we need a floor plan showing all the gas appliances along with BTU per appliance.  

Electrical Diagrams Our electrical diagrams conform to national codes and are done professionally in Autocad software. They are detailed and are accepted by all building departments nationwide. These start at $550 for a small home under 2,000 sq ft. and go up. Send us your floor plans for a quote. We offer standard four-day deliver and we also offer NEXT-day service for an additional fee. 

Your report will be delivered in three business days.  We also have NEXT day service if you need it. Pricing starts at $150. Contact us for pricing for your particular needs. 

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​​Manual J Load Calculation Services   Load Calculation Service  aka heat load services