Comcheck Certificate Report Professionally Prepared For You

We provide professionally prepared Comcheck reports nationwide. The reports are thorough, complete and comply with the Comcheck requirements in your area.  Our turnaround is 4-5 days but we also have overnight service if you need this report urgently. 

What is Comcheck?

Comcheck is the verification that a commerical building that is new, altered or added to, complies with existing energy efficiency standards. The report simply provide a "pass" or "fail grade".  Generally if you comply with insulation reqirements, HVAC, and lighting requirements your project should get a passing grade. 

What Types of Buildings Need A Comcheck? 

Basically anything that is not a home, or a small multi-family. New stores, churches, offices, fire stations, banquet halls, gymnasiums, facttories, strip malls, municiplan buildings, would all need a Comcheck report. 

Why Heat Load USA? 

With literally hundreds of Comchecks prepared all over the country, for anywhere from a small retail store to a 400 unit apartment complex, Heat Load USA can prepare your Comcheck report.  From Florida to Texas to California and Maine, we have the underlying background, knowledge, expereince to prepare this report for you. 

How Do I get Started? 

Simply provide us the detailed floor plan, elevations, mechnical plans, lighting plans, heating/cooling plans.  Send these to:  Our turnaround is typically five business days, but we can also prepare for next business day. Once we have received these plans, we can quote you a price.  


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