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​​Manual D is essentially a sizing exercise for residential ductwork.  Ductwork must be sized appropriately in order for the whole house to be able to be heated and cooled properly.  The size and function and exposure and amount of windows and square feet of a room and which floor it is on, the zip code -  all play a function in determining the size and amount of ducts to be supplied to a room.  

That room facing west with big windows? It will need more cooling then the room facing north and with small windows.  Rooms with a lot of people – like family room need more cooling.  Rooms in basement actually need about ¼ of the heating and cooling of 1st floor.  And so it goes. 

Sizing the equipment, selecting the equipment and then sizing the ducts are all integral parts of a good HVAC design.  Here at HeatLoadUSA we go a step further.  We design our system for what we call “User transparency”.  That is the end user/customer should not hear or feel the HVAC system. They should not even know it's on. The system should work quietly in the back ground. A properly designed system will keep all of the conditioned area comfortable for it’s occupants AND save the homeowner money – month after month. 

A good and well done Manual D is an key component to achieving customer comfort, safety, and efficiency.  Our Manual D designs provide you the following:

  • Load calculations for each room

  • CFM (volume of air) needed for each room

  • Size of furnace, heat pump, AC required to satisfy the home

  • Location of central heating/cooling equipment

  • Full duct layout showing each individual trunk, branch, register, vent and all ducts for each zone

  • Short and Long J1 Forms

  •  Summary load forms

  • List of trunks and branches showing length and materials needed

  • Plus more…..

Optional: Complete inventory list needed to purchase materials for the job. This is particularly useful for homeowners and DIYers


Why Choose Heat Load USA?

Unlike others, we are actual HVAC contractors.  We do this for a living. We install heating and cooling systems.  We install new ducts, and we do both residential and commercial work.  So rest assured, we understand you, your needs and we know where you are coming from.  This means we speak your language and we will take care of you. 

100% Approval Rate.  All of our Manual J, D & S work is guaranteed to pass local township ACCA-heat load related requirements, all over the US. Weather you are in Maine, Virginia Florida or California.  You must provide us the drawings and comply with other regulatory requirements.  We serve all of the USA. We can help you. 

Rapid Service. Our Standard turnaround 4-business days.  Next Day Service is also available

We are here to serve you, so feel free to call us any time:  973-544-6800        



What Do We Need In Order To Prepare Your Manual D?

  • Floor Plan for each floor (including basement if applicable)
  • Sq ft of Windows on each side, on each floor
  • Sq Ft of doors on each side, on each floor
  • How you want your ducts laid out - Ideally your rough sketch of the ducts
  • Address of property 
  • Any known insulation levels in the home
  • Location of equipment and ductwork  - Basement, Conditioned space, Attic Garage etc.  
  • If more then one system, we need to know the coverage area and location of each system
  • Email all these to info@HeatLoadUSA.com.  

We will respond right away, and review what you sent us. If we are good, we will send you an invoice via PayPal. Pay that invoice and we will deliver your report within 48 hours. ​

                         Questions?  Call Us:   973-544-6800
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