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Need a Res Check compliance report?  

These are very straightforward for us to do.  We do them all the time for customers all over these United States.  

We have 2-day turnaround!! Overnight service is also available!
HeatLoadUSA.com offers Res Check compliance reports as a standalone or as an add-onto our Manual J report.

Our pricing for Res Check is as follows: 

  • Res Check with Manual J:  $75 (in addition to Manual J cost) Stand-alone Res Check Report under 3,000 sq ft:  $95

  • Standalone over 3,000 sq ft and under 5,000sq ft:  $195

What we need to do your Res Check
* Street address of the home
* Orientation of front door (which way does the front door face)
* Architectural plans of the house to include:
  * Insulation levels of all walls and ceilings
  * Window sizes, U and SHGC values (available from architect)

  * Door sizes 


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