For Manual J, Manual S, and Manual D and Manual N

All the load and design work is done according to ACCA Manual J, D & S standards  or Manual N for commercial properties) including indoor summer temperatures of 75 degrees @ 50% relative humidity and 70 degrees wintertime.  This is what is required in todays national codes and enforced by most building departments nationwide.   

We use Wrightsoft which is a approved software for use for creating ACCA Manual J, D & S and Manual N reports.  These reports and Manual J, D & S  and Manual N  are now national standards on how to perform load calculations, duct sizing and equipment selection.   

Customer's responsibility is to provide accurate drawings/floor plans and all other information requested per our website - including equipment brand, efficeincy, type of heating to be used  and more.  For duct design, there are several ways to do a duct design.  Our report contain design and load information. Ventilation drawings and peripheral install drawings and shop drawings are excluded from the scope of the work, but are available for an extra fee.  Only what is specified in ACCA Manual J, S & D  or Manual N (as appropriate) in included in scope of this work.  Work must be paid in full prior to any serviced being performed. Delivery is four business days (unless additional information is needed or is not clear in the information provided) for Manual D (but may take up to six days if necessary in order to accommodate more complex duct designs). Three business days for Manual J and S. Liability is limited to the price of the Manual J, J&D or JDS or Manual N as applicable. Customer is allowed one set of changes after we submit work at no cost to the customer. After that, changes will be charged at $75/hour with a minimum charge of $50. Change is limited to preferences in materials, equipment etc.  Changes in scope of work will be extra.   When information is not available or missing, we may make assumptions. It is the customer's responsibility to review the reports carefully and review the sq ft of the space, the building construction assumptions, the the underlying construction assemblies, the design temperature and the design weather station used prior to install of equipment. It is also the customer's responsibility to check with your local municipality on what report they need, along with all the licensing and permit issuing requirement they may need and the customer's responsibility to order the right set of services from us. Once accepted, our work is guaranteed to pass Manual J, D & S (as appropriate) design requirements. Licensing, site plan, zoning and install requirements are separate from Manual J, D & S design requirements and are outside the scope of our guarantees. 

What is not included:  Anything not covered by Manual J D & S and Manual N 

* Drawing of venting

* ERV/HRV design

Dispute Process

In the unlikely event that you dont agree, or dont like what we send you, we ask that you bring your disagreement to us and to the extent that we can, we will do our best to resolve to your satisfaction. We want you to be satisfied we will do what we can to satisfy you and meet our commitment to what we promised you.  However there are limitations to what we can do.  What the sizing is, for a system, it is what it is. We cannot change that. We can change the inputs if you provide us different inputs.  In the event that we are unable to resolve a dispute, then you agree to take the disagreement to binding arbitration. The loser of that dispute will pay for the arbitration services. 

Any disputes and any claims requiring court action, must be filed in the courts of Hunderton County in NJ. Jurisdiction for any disputes shall be Hunderton County New Jersey.  

Further, please note that non-trained or non-certified contractors and some others  may dispute the sizing from this report(s) as it is common practixe to substantially oversizing the units.  There are several problems associated with oversizing. Google "problems oversizing HVAC" to see why.  Thus, we will only deliver ACCA Manual J, D & S compliant reports, as required by today's codes.   

Please note that if you want such a service, that oversizes and does not comply with ACCA Manual J, D & S then, this is not the service for you and we are not the company for you. Please use someone who does not comply with Manual J D & S but rather uses the square feet method which was developed in the 1950s and is inadequete for today's homes. Our service conforms to Manual J, D & S standards and that is what is being offered. 

For any disagreements, you agree to binding arbitration and not credit card dispute methods.  For any disputes about the validity or accuracy of the calculations or duct layout or duct sizing, you must bring substantial proof of your disagreement.  To do that you agree to use  only someone with the ACCA Residential HVAC Design For Quality Installation certification and at least 5-years of design and install experience.  Finally you agree that any alternative calculations you bring to the dispute must be performed using software approved by ACCA.  In short, simply saying "this is wrong because a contractor says so"  or "I am not happy" or "this is not what I thought I would get" is not a valid ground for a dispute. 

Any questions, please call our office at 973-544-6800 or email us at or mail us at Heat Load USA, 112 Junction Road, Hampton NJ 08827. 

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