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Manual J load report prepared for you

*** 3-day hour turnaround ***

(we also do Manual D, S & N )

Our reports are ACCA Manual J 8th Edition Certified

Overnight service available

We Serve ALL states including TX, MD, CO, CA, UT, MA, VA, NC, GA & NJ

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What is a Manual J? 

A manual J (aka load calculation) is the exercise of sizing your home so that the right (not oversize) size of heating and or cooling equipment can be installed.  Used to be that contractors used rules of thumbs. That was then.  Today sophisticated software is used to accurately size the heating and cooling systems so that they are right-sized for your home.  A right-sized heating and cooling will mean years of comfort, lower utility bills and even lower repair bills. But all of that can only happen if the equipment is sized correctly.  

We serve contractors, builders, architects, engineers and homeowners and we can have your manual J done in as little as one day.     

What We Need In Order To Prepare Your Manual J

  • Floor Plan for each floor (including basement if applicable) 

  • Sq ft of Windows on each side, on each floor

  • Sq Ft of doors on each side, on each floor

  • Address of property 

  • Any known insulation levels in the home

  • Location of equipment and ductwork  - Basement, Conditioned space, Attic Garage etc. 

If more then one system, we need to know the coverage area and location of each HVAC system

Email all these to info@HeatLoadUSA.com. We will respond right away, and review what you sent us. If we are good, we will send you an invoice via PayPal. Pay that invoice and we will deliver your report within 48 hours. ​

Questions? Call Us 973-544-6800

Email us: Info@HeatLoadUSA.com


Why Choose  Heat Load USA?

We have your back.  Unlike others, we are actual HVAC contractors.  We do this for a living. We install heating and cooling systems.  We install new ducts, and we do both residential and commercial work.  So rest assured, we understand you, your needs and we know where you are coming from.  This means we speak your language and we will take care of you. 

Since 2010:  We have been providing this service nationwide since 2010. We are not newbies to this. 

We are certified by ACCA.  This certification needs to be renewed every 5-years. See ours below.  Make sure the person who does your load calculations is certified to do load calculation.  

Also, all of our work is guaranteed to pass local township requirements, all over the US. Weather you are in Maine, Virginia Florida or California.  We serve all of the USA.  We can help you.  You simply provide us the necessary home plans and equipment you want to install.  Please note some townships may have licensing requirements that are beyond the scope of our work which is limited to ACCA compliant equipment and duct sizing, and equipment selection. 

We offer 3-day turnaround.  Next Day Service is also available

We are here to serve you, so feel free to call us any time:  973-544-6800   

Questions? Call us:  973-544-6800

Email us: Info@HeatLoadUSA.com

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