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Manual J, D and S

Complete Professional HVAC Design including

Manual J, Manual D and Manual S.

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Guaranteed to Be Approved By Your Local or County Building Department.

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Heat-Load USA

Design HVAC - Design Air Conditioning - Design of Air conditioning systems

- load calculation - Manual N - Commercial load calculation = HVAC ENGINEERS - HVAC CONSULTANTS

- ACCA Manual N Commercial load calculation - Manual D - Manual D calculation - Manual J & D Calculations

​​​​ What Do We Need In Order To Prepare Your Manual J, D & S?

  • Floor Plan for each floor (including basement if applicable)

  • Sq ft of Windows on each side, on each floor

  • Sq Ft of doors on each side, on each floor

  • Address of property 

  • Any known insulation levels in the home

  • Location of equipment and ductwork  - Basement, Conditioned space, Attic Garage etc.  If more then one system, we need to know the coverage area and location of each HVAC system

  • Equipment - Furnace, Condenser and Coil Model numbers
  • Email all these to info@HeatLoadUSA.com. 

We will respond right away, and review what you sent us. If we are good, we will send you an invoice via PayPal. Pay that invoice and we will deliver your report within four-business days. ​

               Questions? Call Us:   973-544-6800

                    ​Email:  Info@HeatLoadUSA.com




      What is Manual J, Manual D and Manual S?

Manual Jis the heat load calculation for the whole house

Manual D is the layout and sizing of your all NEW duct-work. This is typically only required when you are installing new ductwork, as in an addition, new construction etc. We layout each individual room in the house and required CFM. You tell us where you want the ducts and registers OR we lay them out for you.

Manual S is the selection of equipment based on the heat load of the house.  ONCE we have figured out the total heat load (Manual J) on the house, we will provide you the full AHRI (furnace model, condenser and coil numbers based on which line you you are using or tell us what you want to use and we will do our best to make that match).

What if I Only Need Manual J & S?   No problem. We can do that too! Unless you are installing new ductwork, you only need a Manual J and occasionally, Manual S. 

Do You Provide Next Day Service? In most

Does Your Work Conform to ACCA Requirements? Absolutely! All the work we do confirms to ACCA, and we stand behind our heat load and duct sizing reports. We guarantee that it will pass your local building inspections. You provide us the necessary drawings of the home, and equipment you want to us.  Also,  some townships may require additional licensing/certifications that are outside our scope of work. 

Questions?  Call 973-544-6800